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10'0 Coil Leash

10'0 Coil Leash

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Most of the time while you're stand-up paddleboarding, you'd like your connection to your board to be direct, but in the event of a tumble, count on the POP Paddleboards Leash to maintain the connection until you can get back on. You'll paddle with a new level of confidence knowing that even if you fall, your board won't be able to hit another paddler while you desperately swim after it. Instead of that scenario, you'll find it bobbing delightfully next to you as you pop up, ready for you to climb back on and have another go.


Leash keeps you and your paddleboard connected


Hook-and-loop closure is adjustable and secure


Bungee-style stretch doesn't restrict your movement


10-foot length is short enough to restrain the board

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